Sunday , April 11 2021
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23 assistant collectors posted after completion of training

23 assistant collectors posted after completion of training

ISLAMABAD: Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) issued notification for posting of following Assistant collectors (probationers) BS-17 of 47th CTP are posted to the Collectorates mentioned against each with immediate effect.

  1. Sara Sarwar MCC Appraisement and Facilitation East Karachi.
  2. Faizan Arif MCC Enforcement & Compliance, Karachi
  3. Syed Shaheer Raza MCC Appraisement & Facilitation, West Karachi.
  4. Ahmed Nawaz MCC Appraisement & Facilitation, East Karachi
  5. Aasma Sikandar MCC Appraisement & Compliance, East, Karachi
  6. Huseeb Bajwa MCC Enforcemet & Compliance, Karachi.
  7. Shahzadi Hareem Fatima MCC JIAP, Karachi.
  8. Sania Rasool Bhutto MCC Appraisement & Facilitation, West, Karachi.
  9. Rahat Naseem MCC Appraisement & Facilitation, East, Karachi.
  10. Rohama Sajid Siddiqui MCC Enforcement & Compliance, Karachi.
  11. Muhammad Sarfraz MCC Enforcement & Compliance, Karachi.
  12. Humera Javed MCC Islamabad.
  13. Umme Kalsoom MCC JIAP, Karachi.
  14. Kashmala Tahseen MCC, Islamabad
  15. Muhammad Yousaf MCC Enforcement & Compliance, Quetta
  16. Mehreen Tahir MCC Islamabad.
  17. Brayshna Kundi MCC, Islamabad
  18. Saba Iltaf MCC Enforcement & Compliance, Karachi
  19. Sidra Naz MCC Enforcement & Compliance, Lahore
  20. Ali Hassan Raza MCC Enforcement & Compliance, Peshawar
  21. Iqra Shaukat MCC Appraisement & Facilitation, Peshawar
  22. Farhad Ullah Khan MCC Enforcement & Compliance, Peshawar
  23. Baz Gul MCC Enforcement & Compliance, Quetta

The Federal Board of Revenue, Islamabad congratulates probationers on their successful completion of Specialized Training Programme and on their first field postings. The Board wishes them very successful careers and hopes that they will serve the department with utmost devotion and in accordance with their core values of the FBR: Professionalism, Courtesy and Integrity.

All the above listed officers are requested to relinquish/assume charge, using online HRMS facility made available to FBR officers or by using their IJP logins.