Monday , March 8 2021
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Adjudication Collectorate decides 80pc of cases in 10-12 days

Adjudication Collectorate decides 80pc of cases in 10-12 days

KARACHI: There is no backlog of cases at the Collectorate of Adjudication as the department has timely and efficiently summoned the parties concerned (importers and exporters) and settled down their issues.

A senior officer of the Adjudication Collectorate told this to Customs Today while requesting anonymity here. He said that cases had been decided speedily and efficiently after the introduction of Web Based One Customs (WeBOC), adding that the officers in the Adjudication Collectorate had decided 80 per cent of the cases in 10 to 12 days.

“With the introduction of WeBOC, the show-cause notices are being issued directly to the parties (importers and exporters) and they can see the notices on their screen. However, before the introduction of WeBOC computerised system, notices were served manually, which took four to six months to decide the cases”, he pointed out.

He claimed that overall impact of the Adjudication Collectorate was positive and complaints of importers and exporters were being resolved promptly.

To a query, the senior officer informed that the top brass of the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) could also oversee results and outcome of the cases decided by Adjudication Collectorate through its official website.

“The direct man-to-man interaction between the Custom officer (Adjudication officer) and importer/exporter has eliminated many problems in the due process of hearing”, he elaborated.

When contacted, different importers and exporters declared that the Adjudication Collectorate was working better than the past.

They said that complaints were being resolved by the officers in stipulated timeframe as they could get show-cause notices through computerised system at earliest.