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Instagram: Simplicity is part of its application

RIYADH: Instagram having more than 300 million users & more than from Twitter. Scrolling through its snapshot feeds give users a quick look into the lives of friends and strangers. Its simplicity is part of its application. Enter Storehouse a mobile app that promise to let users share their stories as they happen. Instead of sharing oneoff photos, Storehouse lets ... Read More »

World’s 1st supercomputer chip Nvidia’s Tegra X1 looks to cars of future

NEW YORK: Nvidia has unveiled what it claims is the world’s first mobile supercomputer chip, the Tegra X1. Last year company announced  Tegra K1, said co-founder and CEO of Nvidia, Jsen Huang, announcing the exact same Maxwell GPU will come to mobile devices in a processor. We call Tegra X1, bringing the same power envelope of the K1 but with ... Read More »

AT&T offers safety tips for motorists using wireless phones

CANADA: The consequences of distracted driving can range from costly court-related expenses and higher insurance premiums to prison time if a distracted driver causes collision in which someone is hurt or killed. AT&T* would like to remind all wireless phone users that when behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, their first priority is to drive safely. This is especially ... Read More »

Minecraft, 4J Studios release updated Xbox One & Xbox 360

TOKYO: Minecraft maker Mojang and developer 4J Studios unveiled the trailer for the next set of updates, which have been released. These only apply to Xbox One and Xbox 360 but it brings the games up to par with what is already available in the PC version. 4J Studios, which make versions of “Minecraft” for consoles, announced via Twitter that ... Read More »

Telstra fined $102,000 for misrepresenting iPhone 6 ad

CANBERRA: There will be slightly less merriment for Telstra this Christmas, after the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) slapped the telco with a $102,000 fine for a misleading iPhone 6 advertisement.   The ad appeared in The Age plugging the iPhone 6 on Telstra’s Mobile Accelerate plan, but the ACCC has concluded Telstra misrepresented the bundle’s pricing. Featuring a ... Read More »