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Georgia, South Carolina Ports Authorities signs agreement to develop terminal in Jasper County

HONG KONG: It’s been in the works for years, but we’re now one step closer to a new seaport terminal on the Savannah River. Monday, the Georgia and South Carolina Ports Authorities signed a joint venture agreement to develop the terminal in Jasper County. The plan has always been for the terminal to be jointly owned and operated by the ... Read More »

Scientists discover re-evolution of disruptive camouflage in horned praying mantises

LONDON: A scientist from The Cleveland Museum of Natural History led research that revised the horned praying mantis group and traced the evolution of its distinctive camouflage features. Dr. Gavin Svenson and his colleagues identified a new genus and new tribe of praying mantis and discovered that disruptive camouflage evolved twice within the group. The second, more recent, occasion occurred ... Read More »

Ports need to increases to cope with bigger container ships

PERTH: Our ports are being warned they will need to expand in order to keep up with the worldwide trend towards using larger container ships. A new Westpac report shows the average container ship heading to New Zealand will be more than 50-percent bigger by 2030. Industrial Economist, David Norman, says there are going to be bigger vessels, and more ... Read More »

Georgia Ports Authority officials see uptick in shipping cargo

HONG KONG: Georgia Ports Authority officials say they’ve noted an uptick in the volume of goods being shipped from the state’s ports. Officials said in a release Monday that more than 321,000 containers were shipped through the state’s ports in October. Officials say the total is a three percent increase over October 2014. Executive Director Curtis Foltz said during the ... Read More »

Import falls in both consecutive month at each of 3 biggest seaports

LONDON: Imports fell in both September and October at each of the three biggest seaports The rush of consumer traffic at America’s most popular stores in the weeks before Christmas is usually preceded by heavy traffic at American ports. But not this year. As The Wall Street Journal‘s Robbie Whelan points out in a report on Sunday, imports fell by ... Read More »

Hubble finds a lonely galaxy

WASHINGTON: Only three local stars appear in this image, quartered by right-angled diffraction spikes. Everything besides them is a galaxy; floating like a swarm of microbes in a drop of water, and brought into view here not by a microscope, but by the Advanced Camera for Surveys on the Hubble Space Telescope. In the foreground, the spiral arms of MCG+01-02-015 ... Read More »

Astronomers discover a distant galaxy with a pulse

FRANCE: Astronomers at Yale and Harvard have found a galaxy with a heartbeat—and they’ve taken its pulse. It is the first time scientists have measured the effect that pulsating, older red stars have on the light of their surrounding galaxy. The findings are published in the Nov. 16 online edition of the journal Nature. “We tend to think of galaxies ... Read More »

Quantum computer coding in silicon now possible

LONDON: For the first time, Australian engineers have demonstrated that they can write and manipulate the quantum version of computer code on a silicon microchip. This was done by entangling two quantum bits with the highest accuracy ever recorded, and it means that we can now start to program for the super-powerful quantum computers of the future. Engineers code regular ... Read More »

Scientists use laser to cool liquid things

EUROPE: Whether it’s James Bond strapped to a table, Han Solo being cornered by Greedo in the Mos Eisley Cantina, or any other movie scene where lasers are being used as a weapon, the implication is that they do their damage by focusing intense heat on their target. And so it was in the real world (albeit with less melodrama). ... Read More »

China plans to launch Dark Matter Satellite in December

BEIJING: China is planning to launch its Dark Matter Particle Explorer Satellite, developed to study dark matter and high-energy particles in space, in mid-December after it left Shanghai today for the launch centre in the country’s northwest Gansu Province. Developed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Dark Matter Particle Explorer (DAMPE) Satellite left Shanghai with its carrier Long March ... Read More »

Maritime Union in Sydney vote to support enterprise agreement to allaw waterfront operations

PERTH: About 60 wharfies employed by the waterfront’s third operator, Hutchison Ports Australia, will take voluntary redundancy following settlement of the company’s bitter dispute with the maritime union. Maritime Union of Australia members in Sydney and Brisbane on Monday voted to support a proposed enterprise agreement that will allow for casuals to be employed in the company’s waterfront operations. The ... Read More »

Huge white shark spotted near whale carcass off Victoria’s east coast

MEXICO: A dead whale washed onto a beach in Victoria’s far east Gippsland has attracted a white pointer shark measuring up to four metres long. The 11-metre-long sperm whale carcass was spotted at Salmon Rocks, near Cape Conran, by members of the public at the weekend. Since then the large shark has been seen near the dead whale, prompting a ... Read More »

Lonely ‘void galaxy’ floating in cosmic nothingness

WASHINGTON: The image at the top (here for readers on mobile devices) is one of the latest shots retrieved from Hubble, and the galaxy that’s front-and-centre is one of the loneliest ever snapped. It even has to suffer a dull, prosaic name: MCG+01-02-015. In spite of its apparent proximity to all the other galaxies in the image (and the stars, ... Read More »

Cockroach’s bite 50 times stronger than its own body weight

WASHINGTON: Researchers in the United Kingdom have discovered how cockroaches are able exert a force 50 times stronger than their own body weight in order to chew on the toughest materials. In a study featured in the journal PLOS ONE, Tom Weihmann and his colleagues at Cambridge’s zoology department found how these insects manipulate the twitch muscle fiber in their ... Read More »

Earth will experience 15 days of complete darkness in November 2015

WASHINGTON: Rumors about a supposed celestial event that will cover the world in darkness for 15 days this month have been making the rounds on the Internet, causing widespread fear and anxiety in many observers online. In July, a fake news site called Newswatch 33 published an article regarding a space occurrence known as “November Black Out” in which a ... Read More »

EBRD pays 53.4m euros to acquire10.84% stake in Turkish port

HONG KONG: The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has paid 53.4 million euros to acquire a 10.84 percent stake in Turkish port operator Global Ports (GPH), completing the transfer of stakes on Nov. 13. Global Investment, the parent company of GPH, said its stake had dropped to 89.16 percent due to the deal, in a written statement late ... Read More »

Climate change could lead to water crisis

HARROW: More than two billion people living in the Earth’s northern hemisphere may face an impending water crisis as the snow deposits that help provide them with much needed water supply are beginning to decline as a result of climate change. In a study featured in the journal Environmental Research Letters, scientists from Columbia University have discovered that increasing levels ... Read More »

How animals detect magnetic fields and find their way home?

FRANCE: Could a new identified protein be responsible for animals’ sense of direction and their ability to find their way around? Scientists from Peking University thought so. They discovered tiny biological compasses – made from protein structures – in fruit flies that also appeared in pigeon, rat, whale, butterfly and human cells. Here’s how it possibly works: the protein compasses ... Read More »

Superduck dinosaur’s fossils show how some species evolved distinctive head crest

HARROW: A missing link in evolution was found when a discovery of a new species of dinosaur fossil was made at north central Montana. A dinosaur fossil around 79 million years old was unearthed by a team from Montana State University. The fossil turned out to be that of a duck-billed dinosaur that was most likely the ancestor of the ... Read More »

Container throughput for major ports increases marginally by 1.92% from April till October

MUMBAI: Container throughput for major ports increases marginally by 1.92 per cent from April till October given the steepest year-over-year monthly fall in exports since July 2009 in the absence of support as given in competing countries, said President, FIEO, SC Ralhan. While commenting on the container throughput at major state-owned ports in the first seven fiscal months, compared with ... Read More »