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Astronomers found most distant Object in Solar System

CANADA: Astronomers have discovered what appears to be a miniature planet that is the most distant body ever found in the solar system, scientists said on Wednesday. “We can’t really classify the object yet, as we don’t know its orbit,” said Scott Sheppard, an astronomer with the Carnegie Institution for Science in Washington, D.C. “We only just found this object ... Read More »

Water has been existed on Earth since our planet’s formation, research

HONG KONG: Scientists looking at water taken from deep within Earth’s mantle say there is strong evidence it has been there since our planet’s formation. Writing in the journal Science, researchers say their findings suggest that ancient dust trapped at the center of the infant earth was already saturated with water. That water still exists in tiny pockets inside a ... Read More »

Ship owners shift their attention towards gas carriers

MEXICO: Ship owners have shifted their attention towards gas carriers during the course of the past week, as a number of deals in the newbuilding market arose. According to the latest weekly report from Allied Shipbroking, “gas carriers took center stage this week as the emergence of a number of VLGCs increased their orderbook tally while giving an essence of ... Read More »

Paragon Shipping Inc announces about positive determination from Nasdaq Stock Market

PERTH: Paragon Shipping Inc. announced that it received a positive determination from the Nasdaq Stock Market granting approval of the Company’s request to transfer its listing to the Nasdaq Capital Market from the Nasdaq Global Market. The Company has also been granted an additional 180-day grace period to regain compliance with the Nasdaq’s minimum bid price requirement. The Company’s securities ... Read More »

Dry bulk ship values retreated by 20% since mid-August

HARROW: The dry bulk shipping sector seems to have been encased in a never ending demise scenario, unable to exit from. With rates constantly on backwards mode, it’s only inevitable that ship prices will follow suit and according to shipbroker Intermodal, it appears that they’ve done exactly that. According to the shipbroker’s latest weekly report, “the sale of the M/V ... Read More »

Chinese port become a major conduit of Indian trade

BEIJING: A Chinese port operator in Sri Lanka has become a major conduit of Indian trade, despite the strategic tensions over China’s growing reach in the Indian Ocean. A US$500 million investment by China Merchants Holdings International (CMHI) in Colombo’s first deepwater terminal that is part of China’s  “One Belt, One Road” strategy of trade integration now makes it possible ... Read More »

Greek strike to tie up Ports, Ferries

MALI: The General Confederation of Greek Workers (GSEE) has announced a 24-hour general strike beginning November 12. In addition to other effects of a stoppage by the union’s two million members, the strike is expected to shutter all major Greek ports and to suspend ferry service to Greece’s islands. A previous strike from November 2-5 by the island ferry seafarer’s ... Read More »

Southwest Florida’s seaport considers Top 20 Niche Ports in US

PORT MANATEE : Southwest Florida’s deepwater seaport was named by “Global Trade” magazine as one of “Top 20 Niche Ports in the United States.” The local port was one of only two in Florida on the list, the other being the much-larger Port of Jacksonville. The magazine pointed to Port Manatee’s ability to handle a wide range of cargo. “At ... Read More »

Imports at Port of Los Angeles falls 3.3% in October

LOS ANGELES: The nation’s largest container port saw falling imports in October, joining other West Coast ports in reporting a weak end to what is usually the peak season for shipping volumes. The Port of Los Angeles handled 358,602 containers loaded with imported goods last month, a decline of 3.3% from the same month in 2014 and a drop of ... Read More »

MSU team finds new dinosaur species

BOZEMAN: A previously undiscovered dinosaur species, first uncovered and documented by an adjunct professor at Montana State University, showcases an evolutionary transition from an earlier duckbilled species to that group’s descendants, according to a paper published today in the journal PLOS ONE. The paper was written by that professor, Elizabeth Freedman Fowler, and her mentor, MSU paleontologist Jack Horner, Montana ... Read More »

Cockroaches can bite with force 50 times greater than its own body weight, study

WASHINGTON: According to a study conducted by University of Cambridge researchers, cockroaches make use of fast and slow twitch muscle fibers as well as add a ‘force boost’ to their mandibles to chew on tough materials. They can bite with a force 50 times stronger than their own body weight, and with five times more force than a human being, ... Read More »

Astronomers discovered oldest stars near Milky Way centre

HONG KONG: Astronomers have discovered what they believe to be the oldest stars ever seen, dating from before the Milky Way Galaxy formed, when the universe was just 300 million years old. The nine stars, found near the centre of the Milky Way, are surprisingly pure but contain material from an even earlier star, which died in an enormous explosion ... Read More »

NASA’s New Horizons pacecraft found icy volcanoes on Pluto

CANADA: Recent pictures from NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft show that two icy volcanoes may be located close to south pole of Pluto. However these volcanoes appear to be suspicious and they are going to be under the scanner, says Jeff Moore, a planetary scientist at NASA’s Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, California. You have been forewarned. NASA says that ... Read More »

How carbon dioxide plays alarming trend toward climate change?

CANADA: NASA researchers are doing their best to understand how carbon dioxide plays into our alarming trend toward climate change. But this time, the focus isn’t on the oft-touted phrase “carbon emissions,” but carbon absorption—namely, how the Earth’s oceans, forests, and other environmental ecosystems take in about half of the carbon we produce. Sometimes referred to as the “other half” ... Read More »

Japan plans to land unmanned mission to moon in 2019

EUROPE: Japan has announced that It hopes to become the fourth country to complete an unmanned moon landing, after the U.S., Russia and China. According to the Japanese space policy committee, the goal is to launch the mission in 2019. The Japanese lander is scheduled to begin development next year. China became the third country in the world to complete ... Read More »

NASA has released the false-color view of Pluto

HONG KONG: During a close flyby with Pluto in July, New Horizons has captured a beautiful image of the dwarf planet. Lately, NASA has released the false-color view of Pluto. NASA said that it has intentionally added more colors to highlight many subtle color differences in the dwarf planet’s different regions. NASA shared the information that the spacecraft has taken ... Read More »

Astronomers noticed winds at speed of 5,400 miles per hour on exoplanets HD 189733b

MEXICO: Astronomers have noticed winds at speed of 5,400 miles per hour on exoplanets HD 189733b. In a first of its kind weather system check on an exoplanet outside our solar system, researchers from the University of Warwick found that the wind speeds on HD 189733b were nearly 20 times more than the fastest ever recorded on our planet. Lead ... Read More »

Scientists created 1st ever porous liquid

LONDON: You’re probably familiar with porous rocks – rocks that can hold and filter liquids – and now scientists from Queen’s University in Belfast have created a synthetic liquid with similar properties. The newly developed substance has a huge range of potential uses, including being able to capture harmful carbon emissions to prevent them from entering the Earth’s atmosphere. The ... Read More »

NASA revealed completely different image of Psychedelic Pluto

LONDON: Humanity waited nine long years to uncover some secrets of the most popular dwarf planet in the Solar System. And just the past months, the New Horizons Mission was marked as success for completing flyby around Pluto and sending beautiful images of what the planet looks like in closer look. But just recently, NASA revealed a completely different image ... Read More »

Zacks upgrade shares of Genco Shipping & Trading

MEXICO: Zacks upgraded shares of Genco Shipping & Trading from a sell rating to a hold rating in a research report sent to investors, MarketBeat reports. According to Zacks, “Genco Shipping & Trading Ltd. is a ship owning company. It transport iron ore, coal, grain, steel products and other drybulk cargoes along shipping routes. The company owned fleet of dry ... Read More »