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Astronomers predict multiple star systems in first stages of creation

LONDON: For the first time, astronomers have caught a multiple-star system in the beginning stages of its formation, and their direct observations of this process give strong support to one of several suggested pathways to producing such systems. The research team looked towards a gaseous cloud located 800 light-years from Earth, targeting on a core source of gas that harbors ... Read More »

New theory suggests universe subsist forever

MEXICO: Scientists have put forward a new theory suggesting that the universe may have never had a beginning. The current most widely accepted model of the universe’s birth suggests that it came in to being some 13.8 billion years ago when everything in existence, which at that time occupied a single point of infinite density, began to expand at an ... Read More »

New studies show Earth’s inner core has inner core

MEXICO: A research team from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and colleagues in China found this “inner, inner core” has crystals aligned in a different direction. This finding suggests the Earth’s magnetic field could have undergone a change about half a billion years ago, switching between the equatorial axes and the polar axis. The research team believes the structure ... Read More »

Rise in mercury levels endangers yellowfin tuna, scientists warn

MEXICO: A paper published in the journal Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry this week stated that concentrations of mercury have increased in tuna by about 4 percent annually — bad news for a fish that is already one of the highest on the list of species that contain mercury, according to a Newsweek report. Mercury levels are also found in carnivores ... Read More »

Oldest known star with 5 Earth-size planets discovered by astronomers

MEXICO: The newly discovered solar system which consists of the oldest star with Earth-size planets ever found proved that such planets have formed throughout the history of the universe. The star, named Kepler-444, hosts five planets smaller than Earth, with sizes varying between those of Mercury and Venus. The international team of astronomers used observations made by NASA’s Kepler satellite. ... Read More »

How scientists unboiled a hard boiled egg

LONDON:  Researchers have managed to unboil an ordinary boiled egg, and the results may have implications for cancer treatments, biotechnology and a broad range of food production processes. “Yes, we have invented a way to unboil a hen egg,” The Independent quoted Gregory Weiss, the lead author of the study supported by the US and Australian governments, as saying. A ... Read More »

Sea Sparkle blue bloom lights up Hong Kong shores

WASHINGTON: Eerie fluorescent blue patches of water glimmering off Hong Kong’s seashore are magnificent, disturbing and potentially harmful to marine life, biologists say. The glow is an indicator of a harmful algal bloom created by something called Noctiluca scintillans, nicknamed Sea Sparkle. It looks like algae and can act like algae. But it’s not quite. It is a single-celled organism ... Read More »

NASA telescope captures 100-millionth image of Sun

HONG KONG: A telescope aboard a prolific Sun-watching NASA spacecraft has captured its mind-boggling 100 millionth image of the Sun. Four telescopes have been used to capture eight images of sun, and finally each of these images was then processed to one photo to create the entire output picture. The ‘Solar Dynamics Observatory’ was launched on February 11, 2011, and ... Read More »

Practice without cramming can optimise learning

LONDON: Quality is just as important as quantity when it comes to practice, a University of Sheffield study has revealed. According to researchers Henry Roedinger and Mark Daniel, who have written the book on learning, advise that last-minute cramming sessions aren’t effective. You may retain information over the short term, but as soon as the final, the information can evaporate ... Read More »

Zebras’ stripes help them to stay cool in extreme African heat

ANTARCTICA: A new study suggests that zebras’ stripes help to keep them cool in the extreme temperatures of their environment. Researchers observed that zebras living in warmer regions have more defined stripes than those found in cooler regions. The study mentions that zebras in warmer regions of Africa are likely to have more number of stripes and thicker ones than ... Read More »

NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover set to drill into crystal-rich rock on Red planet

KAZAN: NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover is all set to drill into a crystal-rich rock on the Red planet to discover out salt mineral left behind when lake water evaporated, says an Indian-American scientist associated with the project. The rock target called “Mojave” at Gale Crater displays copious slender features – slightly smaller than grains of rice – that appear to ... Read More »

US research yachts to study massive undersea waves of Tasmania’s east coast

MEXICO: Two United States research yacht have teamed up to study massive undersea waves which break onto the Tasmanian continental shelf. The waves, or internal tides, occur about 200m beneath the ocean surface and can reach 100m in height but are barely visible on the ocean’s surface. Matthew Alford, a professor of oceanography with the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in ... Read More »

Large Hadron Collider soon to find dark matter

FRANCE: The world of science broke into celebration with the declaration that the Higgs boson – sometimes controversially referred to as the ‘god particle’ – had been found. Large Hadron Collider will be restarted in March after a £97 million upgrade that could help solve some of the universe’s greatest remaining mysteries. The discovery of the particle, which is believed ... Read More »

BMW’s next generation 7-series flagship saloon unveiled

EUROPE: There is new gift early new year for BMW’s lover. BMW’s next generation 7-Series flagship saloon made an unexpected appearance on the web through a set of revealing shots. The undisguised model is a 730d riding on the regular wheelbase (codenamed G11 – the long wheelbase versions will carry the G12 chassis code). From the pictures, it’s clear that ... Read More »

NASA comes up with wonderful app to keep updated on Int’l Space Station

LONDON: The International Space Station is a microgravity Environment in Space where the team practices test in biology, physics, astronomy and meteorology. Till now, ISS is widely considered as an unassailable sight for common people. But now, things are going to change, as NASA has developed an app which provides information on ISS experiments and research results through videos, photos ... Read More »

Fight between seal and octopus, superb view

LONDON: The hungry seal fancied a bit of octopus for supper – but it’s not easy biting off its rubbery appendages. The hungry seal spots the octopus and decides that it would make a great breakfast, so goes in for the killer move. But the little octopus puts up a fight by wriggling about and wrapping its clingy tentacles around ... Read More »

Toyota recalls 190,000 vehicles in Japan, China to repair Takara air bags

TOKYO – Toyota Motor Corp will recollect 190,000 vehicles in Japan and China to repair faulty front passenger-side air bags made by Takata Corporation, the most recent in a long line of recalls for the embattled auto safety parts supplier. The recall followed an unusual deployment of a Takata-made air bag in Toyota’s 2003-model Will Cypha at a scrapyard last ... Read More »

Oxfam urges countries to resolve stalemate on climate finance

HONG KONG: All countries should use the 20th meeting of the Conference of the Parties and the 10th meeting of the Conference of the Parties as the Meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol (COP 20/CMP10) in Lima from Dec.1 to Dec.12 to resolve the stalemate on climate finance and make critical talks in Paris in December 2015 successful, ... Read More »