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Working adults too busy emailing to care about social media

COLUMBIA: This incipient Pew Research survey might expound why the most active people in your Facebook friends list are your grandparents and selfie-doting high school cousin. The research firm asked over a thousand adults online what role technology plays in their work lives. And according to the results, those who have jobs find internet connection and email the most paramount ... Read More »

Waterproof Kobo Aura H20 becomes first e-reader that can whirl in your pool

NORWAY: Kobo has additionally been offering some solid front lighting since its first-generation Glo contrivance, a reader that blew away the competition in terms of white balance and effulgence, and the H2O maintains that high quality. Reading by the pool is all well and good, but reading in the pool would authentically be living the life. The homepage greets you ... Read More »

NASA’s Kepler discovers alien ‘Super Earth’ 180 light-years away

BRAZIL: Make a list of every groundbreaking mission NASA has endeavored, and the Kepler spacecraft will sit very near the top of the heap. A year ago NASA verbally expressed it might have a way to bring the satellite back online, and now we ken that the method has worked – Kepler has found another super Earth. The incipient method ... Read More »

President Obama: Sony hack not ‘an act of war’

WASHINGTON DC: If you were apprehensive that the US regime would optically discern the Sony Pictures hack as grievous enough to prompt a more immensely colossal conflict with North Korea, you can relax. President Obama said that he doesn’t visually perceive the digital assault as an “act of war” it was an earnest instance of “cybervandalism,” but that’s it. Obama ... Read More »

Acer’s Iconia W3, world’s first 8.1″ Windows Tablet

LUXEMBOURG: The first portrait-aspect Windows 8 tablet is here. The Acer Iconia W3 is an 8.1-inch Windows tablet that costs significantly less than the Microsoft Surface RT at £279. However, there are a few compromises involved with this little tab. Despite what Microsoft verbally expresses, Windows 8 contrivances aren’t flying off the shelves right now, with the tablet market proving ... Read More »

Google+ can now automatically boost up video taping

COLUMBIA: Google is no stranger to tweaking your photos automatically, and now it’s extending that expertise to video. By using Google+ and its auto-backup system for your media, Mountain View says it can adjust the lighting, color, stability and, soon enough, speech in any video you shoot. Just be sure to have Auto Enhance activated on your device and, well, that’s ... Read More »

Curved Samsung SE790C monitor covers all RGB colour range

BRAZIL: Curves are in style. The latest smartphones, tablets and televisions all make utilization of curved or rounded design in some fashion, and now monitors have decided to join the bandwagon. Samsung’s SE790C, a 34-inch, 21:9 exhibits, is the impeccable example. If both ultra-widescreen and curved computer monitors are all the rage these days, then Samsung’s incipient SE790C exhibit is ... Read More »

Hackers reveal Sony Studio financial record, report by Hollywood executives about President Obama

WASHINGTON:  The Sony element includes studio financial records, practice files and what already has been suggested as carnal report by Hollywood executives about President Barack Obama and some of a industry’s immensely colossal stars and arriving films. Attorney David Boies inductively authorized Sunday that Sony’s “stolen information” should be returned immediately because it contains privileged, private information. Boies alluded at ... Read More »

Scientists develop ‘fraud-poof’ credit card by manipulating photons

SAN FRANCISCO: A study recently published in The Optical Society’s new journal Optica reveals the development of a fraud-proof method for authenticating physical “keys” – such as credit cards, identification cards, or passports – to help prevent public security issues like credit card fraud and identity theft, using the power of quantum mechanics. One downside of bank cards is that, ... Read More »

Scientists develop ‘fraud-poof’ credit card by manipulating photons

FLORIDA: A study recently published in The Optical Society’s new journal Optica reveals the development of a fraud-proof method for authenticating physical “keys” such as credit cards, identification cards, or passports – to help prevent public security issues like credit card fraud and identity theft, using the power of quantum mechanics. One downside of bank cards is that, with the ... Read More »

A tale of two distinctive Choromebooks

CALIFORNIA: Plain and simple, both have their strengths and weaknesses. While the Samsung Chromebook is slightly more expensive at a regular price of $250. Its lightweight, slim body, fan-less design and better battery life are features that make it the better choice over the Acer Chromebook. While spending an abundance of time with Chrome books. About one a month for ... Read More »

States confront digital life after death

TOKYO: When you die, what transpires to your online accounts? If you’re like most Americans, you probably haven’t considered the issue, much less prepared for it. But states have been diligent legislating the fate of virtual assets in recent years, pitting lawmakers and technology companies against one another in a war over whether your digital afterlife should be kept private. ... Read More »

Vivo sets incipient record with X5Max, a 4.75mm-thick Android phone

LOS ANGELES: Well, the Chinese smartphone makers are always pushing their constraints on this end. Following Gionee’s 5.1mm Elife S5.1 and Oppo’s 4.85mm R5, today Vivo has set an incipient record with its X5Max, a 4.75mm-thick Android phone that still manages to pack a number of eminent features. It’s worth pointing out that unlike the Oppo R5, the X5Max has managed ... Read More »

Incipient SecurePad destined for consumer PCs

YORK SHIRE: At certain point probably when the iPhone 5s came out fingerprint sensors became cool. Yes, they’ve been used on business laptops for years, but it’s only recently that we’ve started to see them in stuff consumers would buy — things like smartphones and tablets. Now, it seems, we’re coming full circle. Synaptics, the leading maker of laptop trackpads, ... Read More »

Problem of hunting down tweets on twitter

MEXICO: It’s been one of the prime problems twitter has had for years that it’s complicated to explore your own tweets on twitter. That’s because until recently, Twitter didn’t provide a facile way to probe old posts. Sure, you could manually download your entire archive, but who wants to sift through thousands of tweets that way. Of course Twitter’s search ... Read More »

Samsung’s Gear VR Virtual reality headset put on sale

BEIJING: The virtual reality craze begins today. Samsung is now selling its Gear VR headset in the U.S. at the expected $199 price tag, though it is only compatible with the Galaxy Note 4. The Gear VR   was built in partnership with Oculus, which has sold over 100,000 of its own Rift VR headset prototypes and describes its relationship with ... Read More »

Now Navigate Downtown Dubai and more on Google Street View

SHARIAH: Dubai is set to become the first city in the Middle East to have street views added to Google’s online mapping service. Google has expanded the service to the city to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, the company announced Monday. It marks the first time a city in an Arab country will be added to the feature. Google ... Read More »

Blackberry offers 600$ to trade in with iPhone users

MONTREAL: The BlackBerry Passport is a truly unique business phone, and you can get it for free if you trade in your iPhone. The company announced a new deal in which users can trade in their iPhone right now and get the Passport, which sports a physical QWERTY keyboard and a big square screen, potentially without paying a dime. In ... Read More »

Microsoft removing Clip Art from Word, PowerPoint

MOSCOW: Microsoft has announced that Clip Art will no longer be part of office. But with internet connections now almost ubiquitous and a wealth of images available without the need for a local database, Microsoft has chosen to drop support for Clip Art and switch over to Bing image search. Though search engines have an even wider selection of images ... Read More »

Drones begin to pose real threat to flight safety in US

FRANKFURT/BERLIN: The small, remote-controlled drones that have recently grown in popularity are beginning to pose a significant threat to flight safety in the United States, according to new data from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Cyber attacks and commercial drones pose a growing risk of commercial airplane crashes, a major insurer said, running counter to a long-term decline in fatal ... Read More »