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Canada iron ore exports fall 4% in Sep 2015

Canada iron ore exports fall 4% in Sep 2015

OTTAWA: The iron ore exports by Canada registered decline of 4% during the month of September this year. Among provinces, Newfoundland Labrador topped with total exports of 2.170 Mt. The iron ore exports totaled 3.643 Mt during the month, down by 4% when matched with the exports of 3.796 Mt during the same month a year before.

The exports of iron ore concentrates from Newfoundland totaled 1.195 Mt during September this year, followed by Quebec with 1.012 Mt. The iron ore concentrate exports totaled 2.206 Mt, significantly down by 14.8% when compared with the exports of 2.590 Mt during September 2014. The cumulative iron ore concentrate exports by the provinces dropped sharply by 18.4% from 19.926 Mt during Jan-September ’14 to 16.268 Mt during January to September this year.

The pellet exports from Newfoundland totaled 975,511 tons. The prices averaged at $79.2 per ton. Quebec exported 460,754 tons of iron ore pellets at an average price of $150.9 per ton. The pellet exports during the month surged higher by 19.1% from 1.206 Mt tons in September ’14 to 1.436 Mt in September this year. The cumulative pellet exports during the initial nine-month period of the year rose 7.4% year-on-year from 10.579 Mt to 11.359 Mt.

The value of iron ore exports by Canada during September ’15 totaled $258.795 million, significantly lower by 27.7% when compared with the iron ore export value of $358.142 million during September last year. The export prices witnessed sharp year-on-year decline of 24.7% from $94.4 per ton in September 2014 to $71.0 per ton in September ’15. Also, cumulative iron ore exports by the country during the period from January to September this year totaled 27.627 Mt, 9.4% lesser when compared with the previous year.