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Netherlands Ponders Restrictions on Huawei Ahead of 5G Auction

The Dutch government will need to make a decision this year on whether to restrict Chinese state-owned telecom giant Huawei Technologies Co. from playing a role in building a fifth-generation wireless network in the Netherlands, local daily Trouw reported. The economy ministry is set to auction 5G mobile frequencies this autumn, with the criteria for selection depending on the government’s ... Read More »

Sharp Increases In Municipal Taxes This Year

The municipal housing costs, sewerage and waste taxes, and property taxes are rising “very substantially” this year, according to the annual study by the research center for the economy of the lower governments COELO, reports. The national government is increasing waste tax by 139 percent this year. Waste processors pay waste tax for the garbage that is incinerated or ... Read More »

Dutch, Germans recover cargo lost by container ship

BERLIN: Cargo lost by a container ship in a North Sea storm has started washing up on a German island, while soldiers have arrived to help clean up beaches on Dutch islands further west. The MSC Zoe lost more than 270 containers earlier this week as it sailed from Portugal to the German port of Bremerhaven. German authorities say two ... Read More »

Dutch spent €70 mil. on fireworks this new year’s

People in the Netherlands spent a total of 70 million euros on fireworks this New Year’s, 2 million euros more than the previous two years, according to the Dutch Association of Pyrotechnics, ANP reports. The most money was spent on so-called compound fireworks – linked ornamental fireworks that needs to be lit only once to give a small fireworks show. ... Read More »

Dutch add Guernsey, Belize and Isle of Man to tax evasion blacklist

The Dutch finance ministry is expanding its official list of places it considers to be involved in tax evasion by a further 16 low tax jurisdictions, including the islands of Guernsey and Jersey, the Isle of Man, and Belize. All the countries on the Dutch list levy a tax on corporate profits of 9% or less, the ministry said in ... Read More »

Netherlands to implement total ban on ivory trade

The Netherlands will implement a total ban on the trade in ivory in March next year. “If you want elephants and rhinos not to be exterminated, you will also have to do something about the market”, Minister Carola Schouten of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality said, RTL Nieuws reports. Currently ivory trade is allowed in the Netherlands as long as ... Read More »

Dutch Economy to keep growing, but Peak is Over

The Dutch economy will continue to grow, but not as strongly as in the past years, according to new estimates by the Netherlands bureau for economic policy analysis CPB. Despite this, the Dutch economy continues to grow faster than the average in the euro zone, ANP reports. The CPB expects that economic growth this year will amount to 2.6 percent ... Read More »

Three Dutch arrested in Spain for drug possession

The police in Spain arrested three Dutch people. They were caught with drugs on a boat sailing under the Dutch flag off the coast of Alicante, ANP reports. A fourth person was also arrested on the boat. This person does not have Dutch nationality. All four suspects are in custody in Alicante. The police in the Netherlands searched the suspects’ ... Read More »

Thirteen arrested for exporting Drugs to Scandinavia

The police arrested 12 people in the Netherlands for involvement in the production and export of drugs to Scandinavia. A 13th suspect was arrested in Peer, Belgium. The suspects are 12 men and a woman between the ages of 32 and 16 years. They were arrested on Monday, but the police only announced the arrests. The police searched buildings in ... Read More »

Up To 13 Years In Prison Cocaine Trafficking From South America

The court in Amsterdam sentenced three men to up to 13 years in prison for large-scale cocaine trafficking. Large batches of cocaine were smuggled out of South America on container ships, thrown overboard at sea, and then fished out by fishing boats from Urk and brought to the Netherlands, NOS reports. The most severe punishment was imposed on Muhammed S. ... Read More »

Dutch Police Hack Into Criminal Chat Service; Hundreds Of Suspects

The Dutch police made a breakthrough in intercepting encrypted messages between criminals. They gained access to the server of chat app Ironchat and could read messages sent between criminals as they were sent, the police announced on Tuesday afternoon. Over a hundred suspects were identified and many arrests will follow, reports. “With this, the police and the Public Prosecution ... Read More »

Thirteen Arrested For Exporting Drugs To Scandinavia

The police arrested 12 people in the Netherlands for involvement in the production and export of drugs to Scandinavia. A 13th suspect was arrested in Peer, Belgium. The suspects are 12 men and a woman between the ages of 32 and 16 years. They were arrested on Monday, but the police only announced the arrests. The police searched buildings in ... Read More »

Nearly 240 kilos of Marijuana found under ship in Rotterdam

Customs divers found 239 kilograms of marijuana hidden under a sea going vessel docked at a terminal on Maasvlakte in Rotterdam, the Public Prosecutor said. The customs officer decided to dive underneath the ship after the seaport police received a report that something suspicious was detected during the maintenance of the ship. The diving team removed several large sports bags ... Read More »

Two Victims In Enschede Deaths Previously Arrested For Drugs

Two of the four men who were found killed in a business premises in Enschede on Tuesday were arrested in June after a large amount of cannabis was found in the same building, the police confirmed. The police believe that all four men were shot to death, reports. The victims were identified as a 43-year-old man from Enschede, a ... Read More »

Bharti Airtel to pre-pay $1.5 billion debt with Netherlands arm

Bharti Airtel on said it will pre-pay $1.5 billion debt with its subsidiary Bharti Airtel International (Netherlands), using the proceeds it got from six global entities investing in its Africa unit. Bharti Airtel International (Netherlands) B V commenced cash purchase of $1.5 billion, 5.125 per cent Guaranteed Senior Notes which were due in 2023, Bharti Airtel said in a regulatory ... Read More »

€16 billion laundered in netherlands each year: report

Every year around 16 billion euros is laundered in the Netherlands, 90 percent of which come from drug trafficking and fraud, researchers at Utrecht University found in a study commissioned by the the scientific research and documentation center WODC. Fraud is increasing and the under- and upper world are becoming increasingly intertwined, the researchers warned in Trouw. The researchers came ... Read More »

Netherlands prepares to be EU financial trading hub after Brexit

AMSTERDAM: The Dutch financial markets authority (AFM) said it was preparing for a 20-fold increase in financial trading taking place on its infrastructure in the event that Britain leaves the European Union in March with no deal in place. The AFM said that while banks are shifting operations to Frankfurt and Paris, and asset managers to Luxembourg and Dublin, trading ... Read More »

Tv Presenter Arrested In Breda For Drug Trafficking

Former TV presenter Frank Masmeijer, suspected of trafficking cocaine through the port of Antwerp, was arrested in a hotel in Breda on Tuesday. According to Masmeijers’ Dutch lawyer, Geert-Jan Knoops, Belgium recently issued an arrest warrant for his client in connection with the drug trafficking case, reports. “We will challenge the legality of this [arrest warrant] in the procedure ... Read More »

Four arrested in dark web drug bust; cocaine, pills sent by post

The police busted a drug network in Brunssum, Limburg. Four men were arrested for trading drugs on the dark web, and sending drugs all across the world through the regular postal service, the Public Prosecutor announced. This investigation was launched after PostNL found drugs in packages during a drug check. According to the Prosecutor, the suspects had clients all over ... Read More »

Dutch finance minister cancels visit to Saudi investment conference

Dutch finance minister Wopke Hoekstra has cancelled his visit to Saudia Arabia because of the probable murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. Hoekstra was due to attend an investment conference in Riyadh next week and take part in a panel session. He hinted earlier this week that he may pull out of the event. Last ... Read More »