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PM’s narrative at Davos

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s announcement in Davos that Pakistan is ready to do business with the world is the rephrasing of his first speech in the office that the motto of his government will be business, business and business. The prime minister is in Davos city of Switzerland where he attended 47th Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum and ... Read More »

Privatisation of national assets

The era of the government as the biggest employer has been over in other countries since long, but it still prevails in Pakistan, thanks to the inability of the political leadership who matters in this country. All the business concerns, including power suppliers, airlines and big organizations work as independent entities and are responsible for their profit and loss accounts ... Read More »

IMF’s growth projection for 2017

As the world economies are passing through a transitionary period, the International Monetary Fund has projected new growth rates for the developed and emerging economies during the next two years. However, it has also warned the nations of worse scenario in one year after Trump administration takes over in the United States. The fund projects the global growth rate at ... Read More »

Rising trade deficit

The prices of commodities are on downward trajectory all over the world but Pakistan faced trade deficit of $23.96 billion during fiscal year 2015-16 from $22.15 billion in the preceding fiscal year. The business community has already expressed concern over the burgeoning trade deficit, asking the government to take stakeholders into confidence and remove the causes, hindering exports and pressuring ... Read More »

Pakistan as fastest growing economy

According to the media reports, Pakistan is emerging as the fifth fastest economy of the world and is performing better than many developed economies. The renowned Economist magazine suggests that the financial indicators regard Pakistan as the fastest growing economy in the Muslim world with estimated GDP growth at 5.3 percent. However, the country still lags behind India, China, Vietnam, ... Read More »

Case of sugar mills in cotton growing areas

According to newspaper reports, the Ministry of Textile Industry has expressed the apprehensions that allowing the establishment of new sugar mills in the cotton growing areas will severely affect cotton production. The ministry has urged provinces not to issue no-objection certificates to the mill owners either to increase the capacity or shifting of their units to the cotton growing areas. ... Read More »

Question of piling up loans

The Senate has raised the question of growing loans which are piling up to an alarming proportion, lending credence to the fears that the trend could lead to a situation where debt servicing will become a major issue for the nation. On a call attention notice in the upper house of parliament, PTI Senator Shibli Faraz criticized the government for ... Read More »

Latest World Bank report

According to newspaper reports, the World Bank has revised the projected growth of Pakistan from 4.5 percent to 5.2 percent for Fiscal Year 2017 and further 5.5 percent for 2018. Earlier, the bank had projected the growth in Gross Domestic Product at 4.5 percent for 2016-17 after slashing half a percent of its earlier assessment. But now it has estimated ... Read More »

New export package

  Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has announced a whopping Rs 180 billion package to boost the country’s export sector over the next five years.The package will mainly cover the textile sector while four other beneficiaries of the package are leather, carpets, sports and surgical sectors. The exports have been falling since the government took over in 2013. The exports reached ... Read More »

New electricity projects

The Minister for Water and Power has hoped that the construction of Diamer-Bhasha dam will start this year and various countries have expressed interest in financing the mega project costing $14 billion.The minister has already inaugurated a $1.8 billion Suki Kinari hydropower project which is part of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor framework.The project in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is expected to add ... Read More »

Pakistan’s economy: miles to go

A constant outcry by economists and financial experts about the falling exports, industrial stagnation and growing loans has gone unheard by the men in authority in Islamabad who are programmed to watch and listen to the news of their choices. The exports are falling as the country has failed to produce industrial surplus. The industry is facing the challenges of ... Read More »

A pipeline of peace

When four nations signed an initial investment agreement last year to become part of the $10billion Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) gas pipeline project, it was seen as a major leap towards regional integration. The best part of the deal was that, two arch-rivals, Pakistan and India also side by side for a common cause and it was hoped the nations would go ... Read More »

Depending on loans

According to newspaper reports, the government is weighing its options to get $12.53 billion loans, especially from the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank during the next one and half year. At least $6.63 billion would be sought during the current fiscal year and $5.89 billion during next year, showing an unfortunate fact that the government has deliberately adopted ... Read More »

Textile industry woes

  In a meeting of the senate standing committee on textiles, the State Bank of Pakistan governor has sought proposals from the stakeholders to resolve their problems and boost the textile sector. Ashraf Mahmood Wathra not only asked the banking sector to extend soft loans to the textile industry, but also requested the members of the business community to bring ... Read More »

Plea bargain option

  Many in the country are raising eye-brows on the plea bargain option which the National Accountability Bureau offers to the corrupt elements to go clean even after they are caught red handed. A recent incident in Balochistan, in which the bureau allowed a government official involved in a mega corruption scandal to pay Rs 2 billion and walk free, ... Read More »

Need to arrest falling exports

According to a senior official of the All Pakistan Textile Mills Association,the overall textile exports continue to present a dismal look in the middle of the current fiscal year. As the import billis increasing, the trade deficit has swollen to $28.3 billion, creating an alarming situation for the government to streamline its accounts. The government is paying full attention to ... Read More »

SBP report: so far so good

According to the first-quarterly report of the State Bank for 2016-17, the higher fiscal deficit and low tax collections are appearing as serious challenges for the government to spur economic growth. The fiscal deficit in terms of gross domestic product stood at 1.3 percent during the first quarter which is the highest quarterly level since 2011-12. In view of the ... Read More »

Wise step for water security

Pakistan and China have decided to make water security as part of the ambitious China-Pakistan Economic Corridor project to ward off the growing Indian threats, which it is hurling to rescind the Indus Waters Treaty signed in 1960. A decision to concentrate on water security was taken during the sixth meeting of the Joint Cooperation Committee between the two countries ... Read More »

Dar’s narratives on state of economy

Finance Minister Ishaq Dar is very optimistic about the growing state of economy, saying all economic indicators are moving in the right direction and the situation will further improve in the coming months. The stereotype statement is not different from the other ministers and officials who are part of this government. The nation also expects strong economy and real growth ... Read More »

Issues in foreign trade

Pakistan is facing trade imbalance with various countries of the world and even could not reap the benefits of free trade agreements with China, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Iran, Mauritius and Indonesia. According to a report of the Pakistan Business Council, the government policymakers have failed to secure access for several exportable items during the last 10 years and the country ... Read More »