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iPhone 6 hammers Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One M8, LG G3

LONDON: The iPhone 6 has smashed Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One M8, LG G3 through highest sales for a second consecutive month. The success of Apple’s 4.7-inch handset capped off a trio of podium finishes for the tech giant, with the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C in second and third place respectively. And the iPhone 6 Plus made it four ... Read More »

US State Dept attacked, White Housesystems breached

WASHINGTON: The U.S. State Department became victim of a cyber attack as its unclassified email systems were attacked in recent weeks, around the same time as White Housesystems were breached, but no classified data was compromised. The department shut down portions of its unclassified system over the weekend to improve its security but said they should be back online shortly, though it ... Read More »

Apple to release iPhone 8 concept in 2018 after iPhone 6S, iPhone 7 & 7S

NEW YORK: After iPhone 6S, iPhone 7, and the iPhone 7S, Apple will introduce the concept of iPhone 8 by 2018. Designer Steel Drake that show what the iPhone 8 could look like. Essentially, it looks similar to the iPhone 6, but with a futuristic twist and a two-tone colour design. The device in the drawings doesn’t appear to be ... Read More »

Apple’s iPhone 7 to have glasses-free 3D display in post-Christmas launch in 2015

NEW YORK: American IT giant Apple may deploy next-gen of it’s iPhone device having a glasses-free 3D screen in 2015. The company already has several 3D patents and may be gearing up to introduce the technology for the iPhone 7. While consumers are having a not-so-easy time procuring the latest iPhone 6, rumors pertaining to its successor, iPhone 7, are ... Read More »

Man stunned over $1200 bill of Wi-Fi for 12 hour flight from London to Singapore

LONDON: Journalist Jeremy Gutsche utilized Wi-Fi connection while flight from London to Singapore and was racked up $1,200 bill on a 12-hour flight Writing in, Gutsche said: “I had an otherwise enjoyable flight, but the sticker shock of being gouged $1,200 made me feel like I was deplaning from Total Bastard Airlines.” Gutsche explained: “So what does it take ... Read More »

iPhone 6 accounts for 68% sales

NEW YORK: Apple’s latest handsets the iPhone 6 accounted for 68 percent of all sales through September and into early October, while its larger model took between 23 and 24 percent. Apple’s cheaper iPhone 5S and 5C handsets made up the rest of the sales. Following last year’s launch, the 5S and 5C accounted for 84 per cent of total ... Read More »

IBM X-Force uncovers 19yr-old flaw, Microsoft issues 14 security updates

NEW YORK: IBM’s X-Force has uncovered a flaw that has gone unpatched for at least 19 years. The good news is Microsoft has issued a patch for CVE-2014-6332 to tackle 19 years old flaw Big Blue researcher Robert Freeman called it a “significant data manipulation vulnerability that impacts every version of Microsoft Windows from Windows 95 onward. But the bad ... Read More »

Google acquires NASA Airfield for 60 years in $1.16b

NEW YORK: Google surprises customers as well as investors. It isn’t a new device, gadget or another social networking set up. Google has recently signed an agreement with NASA according to which NASA will make sure that Google acquires and takes control of the Moffett Federal Airfield, which is located in California. After spending years of using this airfield to ... Read More »

Nokia X2 vs Lumia 360 support premium design, available in $200 price

TOKYO: Android handsets below $200 are everywhere these days. Another Android-based device by Nokia, the Windows Phone 8.1-running Nokia Lumia 630 is now out for consumers. These handsets are both deemed to support a premium design and a sturdy built, plus a competitive price that’s worth noting. The body of the Nokia Lumia 630 is encased in a plastic exterior ... Read More »

Microsoft gives another update to Xbox One for party chat

NEW YORK: Despite the console have received a monstrous software update this month, Microsoft is going to give a second update to Xbox One to make it even better that will probably be released in the coming weeks. The new patch aims to improve Party Chat and also includes two new questions titled “Pack the Party” and “A Party for ... Read More »

Don’t call it a comeback: Nokia mulls revival after selling off business to Microsoft in $7 billion

LOS ANGELES: Don’t call it a comeback yet. But Nokia is thinking about how to revive its brand name in consumer markets just months after selling off its former flagship mobile phones business to Microsoft for more than $7 billion. “I think you can expect our brand will return to the consumer world,” Nokia’s chief executive Rajeev Suri said when ... Read More »

Samsung’s dual SIM variant metal-clad Galaxy A5 listed on China website

BEIJING: Samsung’s dual SIM variant metal-clad Galaxy A5 has been listed on company’s China website. While South Korean giant had not declared the variant when it had unveiled the single-SIM Galaxy A5 smart phone last month, alongside the Galaxy A3. Listed on Samsung’s China website as the Galaxy A5 (SM-A5000), the smart phone comes with dual Nano-SIM support, and packs ... Read More »

Sony launches PlayStation Vue cloud TV service ahead of Apple TV

BIRMINGHAM: Sony has recently announced they’ve been working on their own entry in the television streaming world with the PlayStation Vue cloud TV service. The project is incredibly ambitious that is going to cost everyone involved. The massive tech company has revealed they intend to pay exorbitant fees from a variety of networks to ensure users get the live television ... Read More »

Fans throng Vintage and Classic Car Club show to witness glittering line-up of BMWs, Mercedes

LAHORE: The Vintage and Class Car Club of Pakistan (VCCCP) organised the show in collaboration with specialists of INH Automotive into Royal Palm for the fifth annual cross country Rallies vintage car show. A glittering line up of vintage cars and shiny wheels vroomed. Around 70 vintage Mini Coopers, Mercedes, BMWs, Ford Thunderbirds, Mustangs, Chevrolets, Cadillacs, Fiats and Buicks stood ... Read More »

Facebook introduces smart privacy policy to protect data

LONDON:  Facebook has chopped down its privacy policy and put it into plain English in an effort to empower users to take control of their information. The previous 9,000 word policy written in legalese and longer than the U.S. Constitution, is now less than one-third of the size. Facebook rolled out its revamped policy through a colorful interactive the company ... Read More »

128GB iPhone 6 Plus facing serious danger

LONDON: A report warns that Apple iPhone 6 Plus might be facing a serious danger. Various reports claimed that 128GB iPhone 6 Plus owners have discovered a strange type of error affecting their devices, particularly ones that store very large libraries of apps: the device would constantly crash and reboot, with Apple not being able to fix the issue. Now, ... Read More »

iPhone 6 orders to reach 80m, Apple to face shortage of 30m sets

NEW YORK: There will not be shortage of supply of launches in 2014, before the end of December the company will have ample stocks of 50 million freshly-minted units. According to sources in Asia, Digi Times of Taiwan is claiming that the company is indeed making the best efforts to stabilize the iPhone 6 supply at the soonest possible time. ... Read More »

Lenovo copies Apple’s iPhone 6 for its Sisley S90

BEIJING: Lenovo has completely copied Apple’s iPhone 6 to design an Android smart phone, the Sisley S90. The handset is so identical that one could even mistake it for an iPhone 6. Lenovo, a well-known manufacturer of various computer products and smart phones, has been launching some great smart phones recently. However, copying another brand to almost 90 percent of ... Read More »

Google acquires NASA Airfield tecnology in lease for 60 years in $1.16b

NEW YORK: Google surprises customers as well as investors. It isn’t a new device, gadget or another social networking set up. Google has recently signed an agreement with NASA according to which NASA will make sure that Google acquires and takes control of the Moffett Federal Airfield, which is located in California. After spending years of using this airfield to ... Read More »

Apple Watch to be launched in Spring 2015

  WASHINGTON: Initial reports had suggested that Apple’s first smartwatch would be in stores in time for Valentine’s Day, but according to a leaked transcript of a video talk given to Apple Store employees by company Senior Vice President for Retail and Online Stores Angela Ahrendts, the watch will be launching in mid-March following the Chinese New Year. “We’re going ... Read More »