Saturday , April 17 2021
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Ex-CEO Hamdani owns TCS building

Ex-CEO Hamdani owns TCS building

ISLAMABAD: The customs authorities have learnt that former TCS CEO Saqib Hamdani has the ownership of the main building of the TCS Express and Logistics Centre near Jinnah International Airport at Iqbal Avenue, Karachi.

This revelation has opened new dimensions in the TCS and Smart Zone Company smuggling case that how a man hired as CEO could have the ownership of the main TCS building.

Sources told Customs Today: “The customs officials have already believed that the TCS has removed Hamdani just to deceive the customs authorities and to save the company from smuggling allegations, however, it may be possible that Hamdani has shares in the TCS as no company buys property in the name of an employee. The customs investigation officers have started investigations into the possibility of the TCS company’s involvement in the smuggling case.”

Sources said that “the smuggling case was originally against TCS company as Saqib Hamdani was just an employee while signing agreement with Smart Zone Company, and the TCS was the main partner of the smuggling activities.”