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Tuesday , April 13 2021
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Pakistan to spend Rs 12.5 billion on Millennium Development Goals in current fiscal year

Pakistan to spend Rs 12.5 billion on Millennium Development Goals in current fiscal year

ISLAMABAD: The Finance Ministry has decided to spend Rs 12.5 billion on Pakistan Millennium Development Goals (Pak-MDGs) and Community Development Programs in the current fiscal year.

“The implementation of the program will take place across the country including backward areas in consultation with and demand of the community” a well placed source at Finance Ministry told Customs Today,  adding that community would be required to forward its demands through District Coordination Officer (DCO) of the area.

The source while sharing information regarding fiscal management of the Finance Ministry said that primary responsibility for periodic monitoring and review of PSDP budgeted schemes rested with the relevant line Ministry, however, Finance Ministry under directions of National Economic Council, conducted quarterly reviews with the line Ministries to assess financial and physical progress of the budgeted projects.

The issues and bottlenecks are identified and remedial measures are suggested to the line Ministries for smooth and timely execution of development projects including diversion of funds from slow moving to fast moving projects” the source added saying that 1st Quarter Review of PSDP 2014-15 was held in November, 2014 and Mid Year Review of PSDP 2014-15 is in progress and report is likely to be compiled in next few days.

The source said that specification of development priorities in consultation with provincial governments as per guidance of the National Economic Council, the socio economic conditions of the less developed areas were taken into account prior to initiating mega social sector projects.

“In the lieu with Review of PSDP, demands for the projects are determined by analysis of various socio economic indicators prevailing in the country” the source added saying that since the subject of core social sector related activities have been devolved to the provinces under 18th Constitutional Amendment, however Finance Ministry extended assistance both technical and financial in shape of development projects wherever required under the enhanced resources being transferred to the Provinces through 7th National Finance Commission (NFC) Award.

The source said that at present vertical programs of health and population despite being devolved to the provinces, were being financed by the Finance Ministry to improve health and social indicators.

The source added that the Finance Ministry had taken numerous initiatives and special development packages in consultation with provincial governments for uplift of backward areas because accelerated development of backward areas in the country was priority of the government.

The source asserted that the subjects of health and education had been devolved to the provinces, but the Finance Ministry continued financing of the vertical programs of health, population and programs of higher education and trainings as per decision of Council of Common Interests (CCI).