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Global pandemic hits badly routine operations & revenue collection of Multan Customs: ADC Asdaq Afzal Sensera

Global pandemic hits badly routine operations & revenue collection of Multan Customs: ADC Asdaq Afzal Sensera

MULTAN: Global Pandemic COVID-19 has affected routine operations and revenue collection of Multan Customs .The Collectorate of Customs Enforcement & Compliance Multan has established Mobile Registration Center’ at Multan International Airport under Devices, Identification, Registration and Blocking System (DIRBS) which was launched by Government of Pakistan for regularization of unregistered mobile phones in Pakistan. The counter was inaugurated recently.

These views were expressed by Additional Collector Asdaq Afzal Sensera during his exclusive interview with Customs Today.

He stated that ‘Mobile Registration Center’ is established for transparent and smooth clearance of un-registered mobile phones devices brought into Pakistan illegally through an informal channel. As per procedure of registration of un-registered mobile devices, the holder of mobile phone voluntarily approaches the ‘Mobile Registration Center’ at Air Freight Unit and files declaration along with copy of IMEI details of such devices in Microsoft excel format.

Exporters of South Punjab need to develop innovative strategy for manufacturing by furnishing their raw material through value added service which will generate more revenue for Multan Customs as well as national economy. Additional Collector said that Multan Customs is adopting new technology for smooth processing and generation of revenue for the national economy.

He said that Customs Enforcement &Compliance Multan is playing significant role in meeting the goals assigned by the governments and ensure effective controls that secure remarkable revenue collection during previous financial year. He stated that Multan Customs attained annual revenue collection task due to their effective adopted strategy throughout the economic year and we will continue our same approach for the accomplishment of future revenue tasks.

Revenue Collection of Multan Customs has been affected badly due to global pandemic of Covid-19 and routine operations also disturbed. Multan Customs has taken measures to contain spread of Covid-19 in current scenario and staffs have been directed to wear face mask during their office duties.

Multan Customs is facing shortage of female staff at the Collectorate and Collector Saud Imran Ahmad has also recognized this issue during official meetings to resolve it. Few females are presently working in the collectorate and collectorate is working under 15 to 20 percent strength of their entire staff. He informed that due to shortage of female staff Multan Customs have issues at the examination of female passengers at Multan International Airport and during investigation from women in relative matters.

He expressed that Multan Customs has done recruitment process through National Testing service in which only one female was qualified and selected but Multan Customs needs more female staff to perform their task in the Collectorate. Females should be hired very soon in the Multan Customs and Collector Muneeza Majeed has directed to form feasibility proposal specifically for the recruitment of female staff at the Customs Collectorate Multan to complete their required strength.