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Google Nexus 2015 Smartphone gets latest LG G4 specs, features

Google Nexus 2015 Smartphone gets latest LG G4 specs, features

LONDON: The Nexus 2015 Smartphone from Google is gradually taking form to the latest LG G4 specs and features provided by the latter’s maker. The G4 is believed to become the repurposed new vanilla Android flagship that will replace last year’s Motorola Nexus 6.

The next Nexus phone will boast of a 5.5-inch screen profile that mirrors that of the 2014 LG flagship the G3. In a new press release, LG effectively confirmed that the same screen dimension is fired up a Quad HD LCD display technology but the gorgeousness is further ramped up by tons of upgrades.

Nexus screen worthy of flagship status

If LG is indeed the anointed Nexus 2015 phone maker then the Nexus 6 replacement, while a tad smaller, is a device to die for. LG declared: “The Company has maximized the essential display functions for mobile devices from touch to colour gamut by using the latest technology and accumulated expertise.”

Compared to its major rivals, the G4 display will boast of 120 per cent colour gamut or 20 per cent more than found in flagship devices that also make use of the Quad HD panel. QHD on the G4 will also translate to brighter handset display and higher contrast ratio, all these achieved minus the usual pressure on the battery.

So when extended to the Google signature phone later this year, the next Nexus could prove as one of the most visually stunning flagship Smartphone in circulation. And LG’s version will last longer than usual as the device vendor highlighted the G4’s display power efficiency.

Slim build and better touch screen functions

Part of the G4 quantum jump, according to LG, also deals with overall build and touch screen functions. The LG G4 touch panel design is embedded with the LCD, rendering the thinnest possible front display for a Smartphone. This translates to a slimmed down general device profile, which enables the G4 or the Nexus 2015 phone to compete with other sexy gadgets out there.

And the technology behind the QHD panel is advanced in-cell touch or AIT that increases higher responsiveness in touch screen experience. The added screen sensitivity will allow users to tap and swipe even if the G4 panel has a drop of water on it, LG said.

All these fresh LG G4 killer features are sure to be ported to the Google Nexus 2015 Smartphone. Once the final cut of the pure Android is determined, release date is expected between October and November this year or a few months after the G4 commercial debut.