Sunday , July 25 2021
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Govt raises petrol price by Rs3.86

Govt raises petrol price by Rs3.86

ISLAMABAD: The federal government has announced hiking the prices of petrol and high-speed diesel (HSD) up to Rs5 per litre ahead of Eidul Adha.

The notification for the new prices read that the rate of petrol was increased up to Rs3.86 per litre and Rs5 per litre for high-speed diesel.

The new price of petrol would be Rs103.97 per litre and Rs106.46 for HSD, whereas, an increase of Rs5.97 per litre is announced on kerosine oil, taking its price to Rs65.29.

Moreover, Rs6.62 is hiked on light diesel and its new price will be Rs62.86 per litre. The new rates will be taken into effect from Saturday midnight.

In June, the federal government had increased petrol price by Rs25.58 after decreasing it a short while back resulting in a countrywide scarcity.

Following the issuance of the previous notification, the new price for a litre of petrol had reached Rs100.10, Rs101.46 for High-Speed Diesel with an increase of Rs21.31.

The new price of Light diesel had been set up at Rs55.98 per litre registering an increase of Rs17.84, whereas, the kerosene oil had reached Rs59.06 per litre with an increase of Rs23.50 in the previous month.