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Gwadar Customs seizes huge cache of narcotics
TO GO WITH AFP STORY BY TRISTAN MCCONNELL (FILES)-- A file photo taken on March 25, 2011 shows Kenyan police officers displaying bags of heroin at the Wilson airport in Nairobi after a heroin drug bust in the coastal town of Mombasa. When a crack unit of Kenyan narco cops raided a Mombasa villa in November, after an eight-month undercover US investigation, it marked a step change in Africa's fight against drug trafficking. The drugs sting was a first in East Africa. AFP PHOTO / TONY KARUMBA

Gwadar Customs seizes huge cache of narcotics

GWADAR: Collectorate of Customs has seized a huge consignment of narcotics from Jiwani in intensified efforts to contain the menace of drug trafficking.

Gwadar Customs officials while conducting two different operations have recovered 300kg of opium and 15kg of crystal meth (ice drug).

A huge cache of narcotics recovered by the Gwadar Customs officials had a worth of Rs38 crore, the collector customs said.

Earlier this month, Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) Pakistan, while conducting 30 counter-narcotics strikes throughout the country, seized 596.787kg narcotics worth $ 74.237 million besides arresting 36 culprits including three women and two Nigerian nationals and impounding 12 vehicles.

The seized drugs comprised 141.555kg heroin, 287.415kg hashish, 99.2kg opium, 2.044kg amphetamine, 14.92kg methamphetamine (Ice), 1.539kg cocaine, 50kg ketamine and 220 ecstasy tablets (0.114 kg).

ANF Balochistan recovered 180.246 Kg drugs in four operations and arrested five accused besides seizing three vehicles.

ANF Punjab, meanwhile, recovered 26.055 Kg drugs in five operations and arrested four accused and seized a vehicle while ANF KPK, recovered 246.537kg drugs in eight operations, arresting 11 accused including one woman and a Nigerian national and seizing three vehicles.

ANF Sindh also was not far behind and conducted successful operations to recover 101.25kg drugs in 5 operations while arresting four accused and seizing two vehicles.

Meanwhile, ANF North recovered 42.699kg of drugs in eight operations and arrested 12 accused including two women and another Nigerian national besides seizing three vehicles.

All cases have been registered at respective ANF Police Stations under CNS Act 1997 and further investigations are under process.