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iPhone7 available with latest gadgets , waterproof, solar-powered, A8 chip

iPhone7 available with latest gadgets , waterproof, solar-powered, A8 chip

LONDON: Most  Android devices are waterproof or water-resistant up to some degree. Apple has never added such a gadgets on its iconic smartphone. Company made  the iPhone 7 waterproof after the iPhone 6 was released without this added layer of protection. A waterproof device would allow users to handle their smartphones in the rain or other wet environment without hesitation.

Of course, consumers would buy the device in droves if it comes with added durability like this.

A Solar Power Feature

No smartphones have implemented solar power into their designs. Doing so isn’t cost-effective, and the technology isn’t there yet. Then again, this rumor describes an iPhone 7 that improves its battery life by utilizing solar power. Such an add-on wouldn’t let the device completely recharge itself, but it would give the smartphone some extra juice. Since Apple customers are used to paying a premium for their devices, this rumor only seems out there because of the actual idea rather than its price.

Same Old A8 Processor

Unfortunately, a horrifying rumor surrounding the iPhone 7 states that the device will ship with the A8 processor. That’s the same processor found on current iPhone models, and consumers won’t like that. The processor packs a powerful punch, especially for graphics, but consumers expect improvements with each generation. Apple might keep the A8 for the iPhone 6S models, but it’s hard to imagine that the company won’t unveil the A9 chip for the next generation of devices.

Double The Amount of RAM

A major complain of the current iPhones revolve around their available 1GB of RAM. Most Android devices feature 2GB to 4GB of RAM, so Apple needs to catch up. According to the rumor mill, 2GB of RAM will be implemented into the iPhone 7, but this could hit the iPhone 6S beforehand. More RAM can only help iOS 8 and its future editions. The fact of the matter is that iPhones could benefit from more RAM because they’ll be able to multitask better than before, which is essential for some smartphone users.

In the end, many of these rumored features for the iPhone 7 might actually come in the form of the iPhone 6S. Apple hasn’t released details about the “S” upgrade to the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, though. Such upgrade models have been implemented for multiple generations now, though. For that reason, Apple fans shouldn’t expect an iPhone 7 until 2016 at the earliest. A desire to better compete with Android devices could lead Apple to changing plans and releasing the smartphone in 2015, but only Apple knows