Monday , November 29 2021
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Iran exports 1st Euro IV gas oil cargo

Iran exports 1st Euro IV gas oil cargo

TEHRAN: An NIOPDC official announced that Iran has deployed its first ever Euro 4-compliant gas oil shipment to global markets. Mahmoud Taherizadeh, Director of Mahshahr region at National Iranian oil products Distribution Company (NIOPDC) said “in the first four months of the current Iranian calendar year (began March 20), about 184 million liters of diesel fuel with Euro 4 standards have been exported from Mahshahr oil terminal.” The official highlighted that no gas oil cargo had been shipped from the Iranian terminal in the previous year asserting “exports of Euro 4 diesel products have been carried out in Mahshahr for the first time in the current year.”

“In addition to diesel oil, approximately 960 million liters of mazut were also deployed to world markets over the span of four months,” emphasized Taherizadeh adding “meanwhile, the figure for the same period last year only reached 472 million liters.” He stressed that Mahshahr terminal has now turned into a major corridor for exports of petroleum products; “ export volume of diesel and mazut from Mahshahr terminal is anticipated to further increase in coming months of the present year.” Iran has exported a daily average of 9 to 9.5 million liters of gas oil so far in the current Iranian year indicating a twofold uplift in the figures as compared with the same period a year ago.