Friday , April 16 2021
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Issue of fertilizer subsidy

Issue of fertilizer subsidy

According to newspaper reports, the Ministry of National Food Security and Research is dilly-dallying the issue of subsidy on fertilizers, leaving little room for the farmers to enthusiastically participate in the next season crops. The use of fertilizers is the basic element in the modern farming and the growers deserve every facility from the government, but the present situation will only lead to the shortage of fertilizers which means less crops.

According to another report, the Ministry of National Food Security and Research, fertilizers producers, and the dealers had earlier resolved various issues. In a meeting of the three stakeholders, it was decided that another meeting will be called in to finalise all the recommendations, but the next meeting never held. However, the sources in the ministry say that the government has approved subsidies on fertilizers, but the issue of price tag on the fertilizer sack is still to be resolved. Meanwhile, provincial fertilizer dealers and fertilizers manufactures are negotiating on the issue and the dialogue are in the final stage. It is hoped that the officials of the Federal Board of Revenue will also participate in the meeting to find a common solution to the problem.

The use of fertilizers is necessary, but ensuring standards and quality of the fertilizers is also essential. Corps over millions of hector land has already been destroyed in the recent floods and the farmers are looking toward government for help and succor. The issue of fertilizer is very complex as veracious stakeholders are involved in the business and the payments are made in off seasons. There are thousands of factories in the country which are making spurious agriculture products and minting billions of rupees annually. It is an open secret that the criminals cannot do it alone, but some government officials must have been involved in it. Using spurious fertilizers or substandard material will only result in losses which will not only be the personal, but also the national losses. Therefore, the people involved in fake pest-making and fertilizers should be penalised to save the national wealth. The federal and the provincial governments have resources which can be used to work for the benefit of the country.