Friday , April 16 2021
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Korean in net for smuggling 4.5kg of gold

Korean in net for smuggling 4.5kg of gold

A 32-year-old Korean national was arrested by the Department of Revenue Intelligence (DRI), an anti-smuggling wing of the customs department at the Jaipur airport with an illegal possession of 4.5 kg of gold in biscuit form. The price of the gold seized from the possession of the tourist worth nearly 1.85 crore in the international market. This is first ever case when a Korean national is caught for smuggling in Rajasthan as claimed by the DRI officials.
Based on specific inputs the sleuths of the DRI checked the baggage of Korean national when he came from Ahmedabad in a domestic flight.
“Usually we can’t check the baggage of the domestic passengers. Since we had our intelligence input his bag and other things were checked. We found 45 gold biscuits each weight 100 grams which was 4.5 kg in total,” said a senior officer of DRI, Jaipur on the condition of anonymity.
Sleuths of DRI were facing lot of problems in the interrogation of the accused Korean national as communication has been a big barrier. The authorities were stunned to witness a very different and new modus operandi by the smugglers.