Monday , March 8 2021
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Lahore roads blockade causes Rs60m loss to traders

Lahore roads blockade causes Rs60m loss to traders

LAHORE: Importers and exporters have suffered losses of millions of rupees as government confiscated containers full of different perishable goods to block the roads across the country.

The Lahore Clearing Agents Association president Agha Iftikhar said that now after one week of containers confiscation the commodities have been rotten and no one will ready to bear the damages. “Traders of Lahore have suffered about Rs60 million losses due to the government’s confiscation of more than 500 containers filled with perishable goods’” he added.

Agha Iftikhar told Customs Today that leakage of one container of ghee could cost Rs7.5 million including all taxes and transportation charges.

“Every SHO was tasked to confiscate 10 to 15 containers in the city”, he said adding that the exporters had to lift their containers from the roads to avert damages after the massive mob movement.

The Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) vice president Kashif Anwar said that no doubt the business community had suffered heavy losses in this episode of political instability but the government was doing so to ensure peace in the country.

LCCI president Sohail Lashari said that a large number of containers were filled with sensitive material and could release dangerous gases harmful for the human beings. He suggested that the authorities should first take safety measures to avoid any unpleasant incident.