Friday , June 18 2021
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Nasir Masroor asked to redress traders grievances

Nasir Masroor asked to redress traders grievances

KARACHI: The traders in a letter to Chief Collector Appraisement -South Nasir Masroor Ahmed demanded to formulate a committee, comprising representatives from trade bodies for immediate redressal of trader’s grievances.

A source from FBR updated the Customs Today about the letter from traders in which they have requested FBR Chief Collector Appraisement -South Nasir Masroor Ahmed to devise a committee comprising of FBR officials and representatives from traders. Moreover, they also demanded the Collector Appraisement to hold monthly meetings with that committee to take suggestions from trade bodies.

The importers in the letter expressed their deep concerns over the pathetic services provided by Pakistan Customs officials and terminal staff at Karachi International Containers Terminal (KICT).

The traders were of the view that importers were suffering millions of rupees loss due to delay in grounding the containers, adding that it will take 6 to 7 days for grounding a container. However, on the other hand the Pakistan Customs authorities claimed that grounding of container could take only 6-7 hours.

Moreover, Traders stated that unskilled and incompetent labour at KICT has also been creating impediment for grounding and clearing the containers.

Therefore, traders demanded Pakistan Customs authorities to start issuing show-cause notices to terminal operators in case of negligence, to abolish “Red PCT” culture and to activate automation and Risk Management System. They also insisted to show Valuation Rulings to the traders at the time of filing the Goods Declaration (GDs) so that they should be liable to file correct GD. The traders requested that Assessment officials should be ordered  to release the GD without any delay.

Furthermore, traders grieved about poor lighting condition and shortage of area of examination at KICT, adding that FBR should also allow traders to formulate their private teams to handle the goods during examination.