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Motorcycle spare parts importers demand removal of MRP at import stage

Motorcycle spare parts importers demand removal of MRP at import stage

LAHORE: Chairman Khalid Waheed, All Pakistan Motorcycle Spare Parts Importer and Dealer Association (APMSPIDA) said that Motorcycle spare parts not a consumer item it should be removed from 3rd Schedule list.

He said to put Maximum Retail Price (MRP) on motorcycle spare parts at import stage means to put MRP on the individual packaging on motorcycle parts at the exporting country before shipment which is totally impracticable.

Khalid Waheed said that motorcycles have many models and thousands of items manufactured at various factories, importers supposed to calculate the retail prices by imaginary calculation 4 months ago when they place the order to the foreign exporting companies because it takes minimum 120 days from placement of orders abroad to get the goods in Pakistan.

There are many unfixed payments involved which cannot be calculated 4 months ago. Floating foreign currency system in the country is a big hurdle, fluctuation in the exchange rate which was seen last year at Rs 168 to a dollar and now lowest at Rs 153, he added.

Ocean freight goes up and down, similarly port charges, clearing charges, and demurrage charges are different with every shipment.

He said that sales are made at various cities of the country and inland freight charges cannot be same for every city which also has to be included in the MRP. He said smuggled goods are selling in the country and prices cannot be fixed due to the tough competition adding that old and new stock in case of change in cost becomes different.

Chairman Khalid Waheed said although 850 M/cycle and 226 cars are registered every day but import of auto and motorcycle parts through custom is reducing day by day. He said customs revenue is also going down this year due to smuggling and inclusion of Auto parts in the 3rd schedule.

Total Import in the country in July-FEB 20-21 was 33.89 BN (PBC). The share of Parts Accessories is just 0.71% (less than 1%) due to smuggled goods got advantage by the poor policy of higher taxes on motorcycles spare parts which becomes 93% at import stage and inclusion in 3rd schedule made the import impossible.