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NAB Chairman’s “accountability for all” policy gets full support of nation

NAB Chairman’s “accountability for all” policy gets full support of nation


LAHORE: NAB under the dynamic leadership of Honorable Justice (retired) Javed Iqbal, Chairman NAB is absolutely committed to root out corruption from country with iron hands with the realization of through professionalism, transparency and on merit as per law. Today, eradication of corruption and logical conclusion of mega corruption cases is the top most policy of NAB.

NAB strongly believes that corruption is silent killer just like cancer which is major hurdle in the way of development and prosperity of the country. Considering these facts, National Accountability Bureau (NAB) is geared up to eliminate corruption and corrupt practices and recover looted money from corrupt and deposit it in national exchequer.

NAB, under the dynamic leadership of Honorable Justice (retired) Javed Iqbal, has been rejuvenated and its three-pronged strategy of Awareness, Prevention and Enforcement has proved excellent. Due to this reason, today NAB has become a vibrant institution, and reports and surveys of different reputable national and international organizations like PILDAT, Mishal Pakistan, Gallop and Gillani Survey, Transparency International and World Economic Forum have not only appreciated performance of NAB but also indicated that 59 percent Pakistanis have shown their full trust upon NAB due to its across the board actions.

NAB strongly believes in self accountability, transparency and merit as per law and has opened its doors for citizens related to their corruption related complaints. Chairman NAB during public hearings on every last Thursday of month not only listened public complaints himself but also disposed off 3000 complainants through personal hearings as per law.

The performance of NAB, under the dynamic leadership of Honorable Justice (retired) Javed Iqbal, Chairman NAB, remained excellent. NAB not only received 44315 complaints last year which have almost doubled from the previous year in 2019. NAB has filed 590 corruption references in respected Accountability courts which is an excellent achievement as compared to last five years of NAB.

On the basis of across the board accountability under its enforcement policy, NAB has not only arrested 600 accused persons but also recovered Rs 4300 million from corrupt elements and deposited all amount in national exchequer during the tenure of present leadership of NAB. The recovery made by NAB was then returned to hundreds of effectees and some government departments but not a single rupee has been received by any NAB employee as NAB officers/officials consider eradication of corruption from the country as their national duty.

NAB has convened 50 Executive Board meetings in which various complaint verifications, inquiries, investigations and references authorized and approved. The present management of NAB has devised a comprehensive Quantified Grading System in order to further improve the performance of NAB Headquarter and all Regional Bureaus. Under Quantified Grading System, NAB Headquarter and Regional Bureau’s are being evaluated for the last three years on Annual and Midterm basis at a given criteria which has proved very successful and the performance of NAB’s Regional Bureaus is being increased day by day due to regular monitoring and inspection.

NAB had organized SAARC Seminar in Islamabad in which SAARC member countries including India participated and appreciated the Anti-Corruption Strategy adopted by NAB in curbing corruption as Pakistan is role model for SAARC countries due to its proactive and effective Awareness, Prevention and Enforcement Anti-Corruption Strategy. Today, NAB is the first Chairman of SAARC countries Anti-Corruption Forum which is great achievement for Pakistan due to NAB efforts.

NAB has devised a state-of-the-art Monitoring and Evaluation System (MES) which was introduced at NAB Headquarter and NAB’s regional Bureaus in order to measure the effectiveness of performance which helps in enhancing the operational, monitoring and evaluation capabilities of NAB at NAB Headquarter. The main purpose of effective Monitoring and Evaluation System (MES) is to cater the needs of all concerned having salient features of maintenance of data at each stage including complaint entry, complaint verification, inquiry, investigation, prosecution stage and record proceedings of Regional Board Meetings and Executive Board Meetings including case brief, decisions made. MES has the ability to analyze data in qualitative and quantitative terms having warnings and alarms system for violators. Monitoring & Evaluation System (MES) is a web-based application, user friendly and interactive online system developed to enhance the operational, monitoring and evaluation capabilities of NAB.

Today, more than 1210 corruption references of NAB are under trial in various respected Accountability Courts of the country and approximately involving total amount of Rs 900 billion. NAB on bilateral cooperation, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with China to streamline structure and cooperate in the fields of anti-corruption. In the context of CPEC this cooperation will further boost confidence in projects undertaken in Pakistan.

NAB has established its first state of the Art Forensic Science LAB (FSL) in NAB Rawalpindi which has facilities of Digital Forensics, Questioned Documents and Fingerprint Analysis. NAB has rationalized its workload and timelines have been prescribed for efficient, effective and expeditious disposal of cases putting a maximum limit of 10 months – from complaint verification to inquiry to investigation and finally to a reference in the Accountability Court. NAB has also introduced Combine Investigation Team system in order to benefit from the experience and collective wisdom of senior supervisory officers.

Today, eradication of corruption has become voice of whole nation and NAB under the dynamic leadership of Honorable Justice (retired) Javed Iqbal, Chairman NAB, strongly believes that NAB’s first and last affiliation is with the state of Pakistan. Due to the hard work put in by all ranks of NAB and feedback received from all segments of society, people of Pakistan are appreciating the initiatives taken by the present management of NAB under the dynamic leadership of Honorable Justice (retired) Javed Iqbal, Chairman NAB, to eradicate corruption as corruption is mother of all evils which has to be checked today with iron hand. NAB hopes that collective efforts of all segments of society could make it possible.