Sunday , July 25 2021
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Ranbir Kapoor fined for evading customs at airport

Ranbir Kapoor fined for evading customs at airport

MUMBAI: Ranbir Kapoor was recently held at the Mumbai International Airport and was fined Rs170,000 for undeclared branded personal goods.

Ranbir, who has been traveling all over the world to promote his latest Besharam, was in a tight spot with the custom officials. Ranbir Kapoor was made to pay Rs170,000 at the airport, Rs0.1m as duty for purchased goods and seventy thousand as a fine for evading the customs.

Ranbir was going through the green channel when he was stopped by the custom officials and his baggage was checked by the authorities. The officials found branded goods such as perfumes, clothes and footwear worth Rs100,000 which should have been declared by him before them at the red channel.

Passengers carrying goods or items above the permitted customs limits should go through the Red Channel after paying the customs duty. The actor was then taken aside for further enquiry, but the actor seemed to be oblivious of the rules and regulations of the customs. He was let off after an hour but had to leave the luggage behind as the actor did not have the amount to pay for the duty and fine. After the whole debacle, Ranbir sent his staff to collect his baggage, who had an authorisation letter from Ranbir to collect his stuff.

Well, Ranbir is not the first celebrity who has been caught evading customs. Earlier Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Anushka Sharma, Bipasha Basu have all been detained at airports for evading customs.