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Seminar organised to promote tourism

Seminar organised to promote tourism

LAHORE: The Walled City of Lahore Authority (WCLA) organised a tourism seminar on “Trends and Strategies for Tourism inside Androon Lahore” and reflected on the ways to boost tourism in the historic city of Lahore which is rich with history, culture and traditions.

The speakers included Kamran Lashari, Director General Walled City Lahore Authority, Amjad Islam Amjad, writer and poet, Faisal Sherjan, Ahmer Malik, MD TDCP, Shireen Masood from Asian Study Group, Muhammad Murtaza From LUMS, Mohsin Azam from Locally Lahore, Raza Kharal as media analyst, Arshad Ghori, Photographer, Adil Lahori, Nadia Jamil actress and Masood Akhtar from Asian Study Group.

The purpose of the seminar was to highlight the importance of tourism in Lahore and especially how it can be promoted inside the walled city of Lahore. The speakers appreciated the efforts of the WCLA and TDCP in promoting the tourism through different mediums and tools.

Amjad Islam Amjad said it is good to promote the tourism and specialties of Lahore through writing and I encourage the youngsters to write more on Lahore as this is one way of preserving and promoting the history and encouraging the tourism.

Muhammad Murtaza From LUMS said students are the main tool who can help in promoting the tourism inside the walled city of Lahore. Through Turr Lahore Club there are several possibilities to train the guides and promote tourism among those who don’t know much about Lahore.  Actress Nadia Jamil said besides being an actress she is a PR person too. At present our city and country need PR for the promotion of tourism so that a soft image can be created among masses.

Raza Kharal said media is the most important tool and I think all the media-persons should meet with the historians so that new stories can be told through print and electronic media.

Kamran Lashari told the media that the purpose of organising this seminar is to collaborate with different associations and create a think-tank for tourism which we lack at present. Through this seminar we aim at gathering ideas and improving tourism inside the walled city.

Asif Zaheer, Director Tourism and Marketing WCLA, opined that this seminar will open the minds of our tourist guides and help them improve what they are doing at the moment. We will keep on having similar activities in future.

Tania Qureshi, Deputy Director Media, was of the view that at present we need a serious strategy to move on with the tourism and showcase a soft image of Pakistan and Lahore to the world. This activity has helped us in emerging with new ideas and trends for tourism inside the walled city of Lahore. We will soon be implementing these ideas for the tourists.