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Pakistan Customs: Pak-Indian railway employees involved in smuggling through Wagha border

LAHORE: Pakistan Customs presented a detailed report on smuggling through railways between Pakistan and India at Wagha border. Pakistan Railways will investigate the issue as the number of reported cases is on the rise in last few months. According to Pakistan Customs report, the railway employees of both sides are involved in smuggling. Spokesperson of Pakistan Railways told Customs Today ... Read More »

Rs249m revenue raised thru auctions: Customs seizes Rs1.2b smuggled goods, nabs 60 ‘smugglers’ in 6 months

KARACHI: The Pakistan Customs has seized smuggled goods worth Rs1.2 billion and arrested 60 alleged smugglers during the first six months (July-Dec) of ongoing financial year. Directorate of Customs Intelligence & Investigation (I&I) Karachi Director Muhammad Asif Marghoob Siddiqui said that the seized goods include 366,000 litres Iranian diesel, 10-ton hashish, 250,000 meter foreign origin fabric, 7000 bottles of liquor, ... Read More »

KSE 100-index adds another 251pts, up 0.77% to end week on bouyant note

KARACHI: The Karachi Stock Exchange benchmark 100-index gained 251.26 points or 0.77 percent to reach 32731.61 points and volume of 235,201,230 shares on Friday. Fueled by bull-run, Karachi Stock Exchange continued to cheer up as benchmark 100-index gained another 179.54 points or 0.55 percent to reach all-time-high of 32659.89 points, rekindling hope for 33,000 thresholds in midday trading. There prevails ... Read More »

Owners of customs clearing companies told to appear in person for renewal of licenses

KARACHI: With the year drawing to close, the Licensing Section has directed proprietor/partner/director of clearing companies to appear in person so that the Custom House Agents License could be renewed in time. Sources informed Customs Today that the Licensing Section is approaching the clearing companies, either in writing or by phone, informing them that the proprietor, partner or director should ... Read More »

Closing: KSE plunges 138pts, down 0.43% on PTI’s Faisalabad shutdown call

KARACHI: The Karachi Stock Exchange benchmark KSE 100-index lost 138.45  points or 0.43 percent to reach 32010.33 points and volume of 120,382,620 shares on Monday. The market started the new trading week on a positive noted and appeared confident, adding another 24 points to the weekend closing of 32151 points to reach 32175points. However, later stocks crashed due to panic ... Read More »

Closing: KSE-100 adds strong gains of 218.20pts, up 0.68% to towards 32,000pts

KARACHI: The Karachi Stock Exchange benchmark KSE 100-index gained 218.20 points or 0.68 percent to reach 32090.93 points and volume of 270,543,210 shares on Thursday. The market opened on a positive note and kept crawled up to close the gap to its all-time high 32,000-level and never looked behind, setting eyes on new highs. Bull-run kept the Karachi Stock Exchange ... Read More »

Customs officers return to Karachi after four-day meetings in Islamabad

  KARACHI: The top officers of Pakistan Customs, including –Enforcement-South Chief Collector Muhammad Nazim Saleem, Appraisement-South Chief Collector Nasir Masroor Ahmed and Appraisement-West Collector Muhammad Saleem on Wednesday returned from Islamabad after four-day meetings with the officials concerned of the FBR, Finance and Commerce ministries. Sources told Customs Today that the agenda of meetings was to release some of the ... Read More »

Closing: KSE keeps upward rally with 192pts, up 0.61% to close 31872.73pts

KARACHI: The Karachi Stock Exchange benchmark KSE 100-index gained 192.01 points or 0.61 percent to reach 31872.73 points and volume of 257,480,050 shares on Wednesday. Buoyant Karachi Stock Exchange continued its march toward historic high of 32,000 steadily as benchmark KSE 100-index added another 213.01 points or 0.67 to scores tally, taking it to 31893.17 points till midday trading. Easing ... Read More »

Closing: KSE gains 102pts, up 0.33% despite warnings of Imran

KARACHI: KARACHI: The Karachi Stock Exchange benchmark KSE 100-index gained 101.74 points or 0.33 percent to reach 31299.72 points and volume of 238,689,700 shares on first day of trading, Monday. There were rumours of downward trend as Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan has warned government if they do not agree his demands, he will going to shut down all business ... Read More »

Closing: KSE plunges 52pts, down 0.17% on upcoming PTI showdown

KARACHI: The fast-changing political scenario and fears of a looming political showdown on Nov 30 caused ripples in the Karachi Stock Exchange as benchmark KSE 100-index lost 51.72 points or 0.17 percent and plunged to 31218.38 points and volume of 166,378,330 shares on last day of trading, Friday. The stocks failed to cash in on the euphoria created by Pakistan’s ... Read More »

Closing: KSE plunges 184 pts, down 0.59% as weeklong uncertainty haunts investment trends

KARACHI: The Karachi Stock Exchange lost 184.37 points or -0.59 percent to reach 31270.10 points and volume of 117,327,160 shares on Thursday. Earlier, the KSE gained 53.29 points or +.17 per cent to reach 31507.76 points amid the news reports that the government has sold over $1 billion Sukuk bonds at international market. The stock witnessed maximum trading at 31545.14 ... Read More »

Closing: KSE bounces back with 231pts, up 0.74% to close at 31454.47pts

KARACHI: The Karachi Stock Exchange recovers 230.73 points or +0.74 percent to reach 31454.47 points and volume of 145,707,940 shares on Wednesday. The KSE share-100 index opened at overnight closing of 31,223 and appeared confidence, going up steadily. The market set the pace for the day trading, boosting confidence of the investors. Though the traders exercised cautioned, the trading remained ... Read More »

Closing: KSE loses 93pts, down 0.30% to close at 31223.7pts ahead of PTI big show

KARACHI: The Karachi Stock Exchange lost another 93.22 points or -0.30 percent to reach 31223.74 points and volume of 103,084,430 shares on Tuesday as PTI going to organize ‘big’ public meeting in Islamabad on Nov 30 this week. The market opened on negative note and remained bullish, forcing investor to exercise caution. Stocks remained bearish ahead of PTI’s call for ... Read More »

Closing: KSE recovers 279pts, up 0.89% on investors’ confidence

KARACHI: The Karachi Stock Exchange shrugged off the gloom of previous two days and set its pace for the upward march and gained 279.48 points or +0.89 percent to reach 31518.52 points and volume of 89,545,590 shares on last day of trading, Friday. The Karachi Stock Exchange opened on a positive note and set off on the recourse to remedy ... Read More »

‘Curb corruption by spending chunk of revenue on staff’

LAHORE: Corruption can be eliminated in the Customs Department by spending a chunk of collected revenue for the welfare of staff, an official told Customs Today. On condition of anonymity, the official said that almost four percent of the revenue collections were spent to facilitate the revenue collectors all over the world. He said that such kind of measures helped ... Read More »

Closing: KSE-100 loses 250pts, down 0.78% to close below 32000pts level

KARACHI: The Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) lost 250.11 points or -0.78% to reach 31756.29 points and volume of 187,615,200 shares on Wednesday. Earlier, trading in the market started on a positive note and the index kept on ticking, adding 219 points to the overnight tally. The stocks opened at overnight closing of 32,006.40 points and continued upward march, showing signs of confidence. However, ... Read More »

Closing: KSE-100 achieves another milestone, crosses historic 32,000pts barrier

KARACHI: The Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) managed to cross 32,000 points barrier and gained a substantial 303.61 points to reach 32006.40 points and volume of 212,121,500 shares on Tuesday. The benchmark KSE 100-index witnessed variation as it opened with positive note, gaining 83.99 points or +0.26pc to reach 31786.78 points and observed highest trading of 31819.23 and lowest trading of ... Read More »

Pakistan Customs offers best service at lowest price

KARACHI: The Pakistan Customs is not only offering the best real-time online goods declaration (GD) filing service, but is charging the lowest fee (Rs 250) in the region. Sources told Customs Today that the average GD filing fee across the region is around $25 which is way high the fee charged for the similar service in Pakistan. Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore charge a ... Read More »

KSE-100 strongly rebounds with 359pts, nears to historic 32,000pts mark

KARACHI: Bulls bounced back strongly and kept their rule at the Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) again as the benchmark KSE 100-Index surged a considerable 358.72 points or 1.14% to reach 31702.79 points and volume of 172,777,940 shares on first day of trading, Monday. The market started the week in a fashion and picked up the thread from weekend closing of 31344.07 ... Read More »

Weekly review: KSE observes mixed week, gains 400pts to set new mark

KARACHI: The Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) 100-index opened on positive sentiments on the first day of trading and gained 400 points in the week-long trading, as it opened at 30,912 points on Monday and closed at 31344.07 points on Friday. On Monday, Bull-run continued to cheer the Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) as the benchmark KSE 100-Index after crossing highest-ever psychological ... Read More »